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Hi every one.

This is my first time here.
So let me introduce myself..

  • Rhymynt : is my anonym , anyway… Mynt is my real nickname. (^_^;)
  • All kind of Arts : are my favorite hobbies.
    ~Drawing , Painting , Animation , Literate , Photography and more…~
  • I’m just graduate from Fine and Applied Arts Faculty.
  • President of Art and Cartoon Club : for 2 years after finished high-school.
  • Mai-HiME (Otome) and Anime from Studio Ghibli : are the most love anime.
    ~ Shizuru+Natsuki <3 ~
  • I can listen all kind of music except metal.
    ~Ballad , Lounge(Cafe) , Oldie , Jazz and Anime’s are frequently listen..~
  • Dramatic , Life and Suspense : Movies
  • I read everything especially : Fantasy fiction and those literary works.
  • White color : is my impression.
  • I like to : Dream and Dare with them.

Nice to meet you all. :-D

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